2023 Lavender Award

2023 Lavender Award for Service and Volunteerism



Purpose of Award: To provide recognition for high-level service, leadership, and volunteerism by an organization. Award is named after Mary Ann Lavender who was a staunch advocate of volunteerism in Erie County and founder of the Volunteer Center. Individuals or groups may nominate more than one candidate or nominate themselves. 


  • Nominee must be an organization whose primary service area is Erie County and utilizes volunteers.
  • Nominee must have made a significant impact on a recognized need in Erie County.
  • Nominee must have demonstrated outstanding organizational commitment in dealing with this need.
  • Nominee must have exhibited leadership skills as an organization.
  • Diversity will be taken into consideration when selecting honorees, including as it relates to the business and industries represented, as well as geography, age, race, culture, gender, and experience.

In addition to the award recognition, a monetary contribution will be presented to the recipient’s public charity of choice which must b a 501 (c)3 organization recognized by the IRS. If the recipient is a public charity organization, the monetary contribution may be made to such organization as long as it holds current 501(c)3 status. 

To Submit a Nomination: mail or email your nomination by January 13, 2023, including the information in the above criteria.

email: sgodfrey@uwerieco.org

Sara Godfrey, Executive Director
United Way of Erie County
135 E. Washington Row, Ste. C
Sandusky, OH 44870